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If you want 
– to escape from urban stuffy hustle and bustle to breath  meadow fragrance and pure iodized air,  
– to unite with wild (inviolate) nature in National Park, 
– to live in a cozy comfortable wooden house in a quiet tidy village on the bank of the Desna,  – to taste delicious traditional meals cooked from fresh ecologically clean products (organic ingredients) grown in own farmstead,
 -to swim in the cleanest river of Europe,
– to heal your children, to improve your and their health,
– to catch river or lake fish,
 – to take up walking (hiking), cycling or horse riding along the Desna or in the forest,
 – to take photos of the amazing  landscapes,
 – to go on a boat or ferry trip across the Desna,   to go skiing or skating in winter,
– to gather berries, mushrooms, medicinal plants in the nearby forests and meadows,
 – to take up master classes in looking after bees, rabbits, flowers and  medicinal plants,
 – to visit museums and interesting historical places (Mizyn paleolithic site),
 – to buy ecologically clean (organic) delicious products grown in own farmstead,
 – to get unforgettable impressions and cheerfulness for the whole year.
 Whatever you want from your holiday, it’s here in WELCOMING HOMESTEAD AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD situated in Desnyanske village (Sverdlovka in the past), Korop district, Chernihiv region

Тел.‎+38 (097) 457-48-82
         ‎+38 (066) 272-94-46        Наталія
                                                               search: садиба на краю світу
 Tourists are offered a separate two-room tidy wooden building with 6-8 bedsits. Hot and cold water, kitchen with essential kitchen utensils, gas heating, spacious summer terrace, shower, bathroom, TV, the Internet, car parking, sports ground and playground, summer pavilion, BBQ, hammock, sun loungers are available. 
The hosts speak English and German, have pets and domestic animals, an apiary. 
Transfer is available upon request.

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