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Welcome to Brynzarnya!

Brynzarnya, located in Bessarabia (Odessa region, Ukraine), consists of a cozy hotel “Kuba Daleko” (“Cuba is far away”) and a farm where wonderful brynza is produced. Everything here is about this cheese made of goat’s milk, a traditional meal in rich and generous lands of Bessarabia.

The local cuisine is incredibly delicious and varied just like the ethnic composition of the land – above 100 different nationalities live here in peace and harmony. Brynza is the product uniting all the local citizens. Brynza is extremely healthy because it rich in calcium, phosphorus, easy-digestible proteins, and vitamins. Besides, its energy value is just 260 kcal. The hosts of Brynzarnya are constantly experimenting with their brynza, mixing it with herbs or soaking it in wine. Every time they get a wonderful product, because the most important in brynza is not additives but high-quality milk at the heart of it. In this respect, everything is settled in Brynzarnya household: the goats are range-fed, and the product they give is ecologically-clean. The environment is very helpful: the farm is located in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, where the air is clean and soils are free from chemical pollutants.

The peak season in Brynzarnya lasts from May to September. Along with goats, there live dogs, hens, Vietnam pigs – and even a circus llama had been living not long ago. Children are excited of such a zoo, therefore Brynzarnya is perfect for family leisure.

The Brynzarnya hosts are members of a slow food movement. It was established in 1996 in Italy in order to confront the tendencies of fast food, “meal globalization”, unhealthy food and loosing of cooking traditions that is well-known in large cities. Slow food stimulates development of local cuisines, usage of eco-clean, farmer products, but the main thing about the movement members is that they believe food is a ritual, when the whole family gathers around a table and discusses all that really matters. The restaurant-keepers who join slow food movement cook their meals with local products only, and thus they promote culinary tourism: if you want to taste some unique food which is cooked in any particular place, you have to go there and learn about its culture while enjoying local cuisine.

Brynzarnya is a part of a multiethnic Bessarabia culture, with its love to the nature and knowing how to enjoy any gift of life – the sun, clean air, getting in touch with our furry friends and, the last but not the least, delicious meals.

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