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Ліжко / 1 ніч / 1 особа
250 грн

Житло, котре пропонується гостям

санітарні місця

У господарстві є

Віддаленність (у км)

Опис садиби

The estate is part of the Ethnoselo cultural and tourist complex with a pond, gazebos, barbecue facilities, sports and playgrounds, and art objects.

The multicultural park demonstrates the cultures of different peoples from pit dwelling (dugout) to nomadic (yurt), which introduces visitors to the history of the Zaporizhzhia region.

The facility is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Especially for you, the Dyvosvit Manor has prepared a family vacation in the courtyard of a Ukrainian hut. You will enjoy the coziness of a warm wood-burning stove, fresh air in a spacious yard with gazebos, barbecue and swing, and a panorama of the wide Ukrainian steppe from the observation deck. Every day there are new adventures with a children’s animator, interesting hiking trips and bicycle trips in the southern steppes of Ukraine. A range of bathing services and more will be an unforgettable experience for you.

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