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“Magnolia” is a small estate in the village of Mizhhirya, where you can comfortably relax from the city life. You will find 4 cozy rooms with everything you need for a comfortable stay and quality rest (cable TV, free Wi-Fi zone, constant hot and cold water), the interior of which is decorated with paintings by the owner of the estate with picturesque views of Mizhhirya region. At your service in the estate there is a fireplace and banquet halls, an ABC store, a cafe-bar, which serves both traditional and home-made Transcarpathian, local dishes to your order. There is a possibility to use a separate kitchen. On the terrace there is a barbecue – a brick oven, where you can cook any dishes from environmentally friendly local products.

For a more complete and interesting vacation, we will be happy to help you organize exciting trips to Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, Chynadiyevo, Nevytsky castles, the Valley of Daffodils, deer and ostrich farms, a private cheese factory in the village of Nyzhnye Selyshche, thermal pools (with silicon-nitrogen-carbon dioxide-sodium chloride highly mineralized water) in Berehovo, Kosyno, Borzhava meadow, Shypit waterfall, Synevyr Lake, Tereblya-Ritska hydroelectric power station, visit museums in Kolochava and other picturesque places of Mizhhirya district, where you will get acquainted with folk traditions, crafts and life of the highlanders. Prices for excursion programs are individual, calculated separately, depending on the chosen route and distance.

A modern indoor swimming pool is located 700 meters from the estate. Within a radius of 25 km there are 17 ski lifts of various lengths and difficulty of descent with ski equipment rental, the nearest of which (chairlift) is located on the outskirts of Mizhhirya (3 km).

During the mushroom and berry season, we offer forest walks where you can pick them yourself or buy them at attractive prices.

You can improve your health by drinking Soimy mineral water (carbon dioxide weakly sulfide medium-mineralized chloride-hydrogen carbonate calcium-sodium with iron in biologically active concentrations) and Kelechynska (carbon dioxide low-mineralized iron-containing magnesium-calcium hydrogen carbonate): They improve bile secretion, enzyme formation, treat dysbiosis, anemia, remove radioactive elements and heavy metal salts from the body, and boost immunity. There are no analogues of these waters in Ukraine.

You will not regret visiting us!

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