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Dear Sirs and Madames,

We are pleased to inform you that a faw  years ago in the  village of Petrove, Kirovograd Region, a Maietok Country Club project was launched. Nowadays due to its versatility it flourishes attracting many fans of ethnic culture, creative youth, successful people and green tourists.

The farmstead is located in the place which is deeply steeped in history. The main building was erected in the eclectic style in 1905, and after a restoration it attracts even more tourists due to its unique architectural beauty and elegance.

There is an apple orchard planted around the farmstead occupying an area of 15 hectares. The orchard has a total of 40 thousand saplings, which annually yield hundreds of tons of fragrant and crunchy apples. During this period, a green oasis in the heart of the steppe Ukraine has been visited by thousands of guests: both fellow countrymen and representatives of neighboring countries and beyond. The farmstead has repeatedly sponsored and organized the holding of thematic festivals, holidays and various contests on its territory.

It is especially pleasant to take a walk along the well-groomed Maietok territory, to feast your eyes upon the thin thujas and majestic pyramid-shaped Turkish hazels, walk along the green mat of the grass parterre; and in the morning, after a healthy rest, to observe the dawning light, which is playfully refracted through the thin rows of the apple orchard.

The Maietok is famous for its fine and delicious cuisine, where you can have European class chef’s delicious dinner, home-made apple juice, as well as taste the best quality wines of domestic and foreign winemakers in our cellar, take a look at rare antique exhibits, visit a mini zoo, feed the animals and relax admiring the exquisite landscape design.

We would like to note that these days the Maietok Country Club is perhaps the most popular place in the region for corporate events, conferences, anniversaries, weddings, excursions, etc.

We warmly welcome you to Maietok Country Club. 

Address: 4B Dekabrystiv, urban village of Petrove, Kirovohrad Region

Telephone: (050) 321-21-65; (067) 910-93-93; +38 (05237) 9 72 25





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Власник +38 (050) 321-21-65
4B Dekabrystiv, urban village of Petrove, Kirovohrad Region

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