Maison Blanche Mytnytsa

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Maison Blanche Mytnitsa has 12 rooms, Organic cafe, spa and Natur Boutique store.

Maison Blanche Mytnitsa benefits:

Each room at the Maison Blanche Mytnitsa is unique with its own floral name and design.

Cozy minimalistic interior with natural materials – wood and linen.

Rooms are supplied with natural and organic cosmetics and cleaned with environmentally friendly detergents. During cleaning essential oils are used.

В The Organic Cafe serves international cuisine with organic and local products.

В The Organic Spa will help you to relax – fitobarrel steaming, salt room session and massage revives and improves sleep.

There are a garden with herbs and fruit trees as well as a little farm with rabbits and chickens.

In Natur Boutique shop you can buy organic and healthy food as well as natural cosmetics.

As a leisure we recommend you to relax in the garden, watch animals in ecofarm, or take a trip to “Alexandria” Park, the center of culture and history “Kievan Rus” or other nearby tourist’s spots.

For children we have kid’s corner with ecotoys, farm, playground and trampoline.

Due to the location Maison Blanche Mytnitsa is good for a romantic weekend, family dinners and weddings. The hotel is an ideal option for people who went on a business trip to Kiev, Bila Tserkva or Vasilkiv or traveling by car (E95 road).

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