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Ліжко / 1 ніч / 1 особа
80 грн
50 грн
Триразове харчування
200 грн

Житло, котре пропонується гостям

санітарні місця

У господарстві є

Віддаленність (у км)

Опис садиби

The Buzyna estate is located in a small village on the banks of the Uday River. This is a separate yard with a house with 5 beds, a full bathroom with hot water and a fully equipped kitchen with appliances and utensils where you can cook. In addition, the estate has a gazebo, a barbecue area with barbecue, a playground with a sandbox and a swing. The river is a 3-minute leisurely walk away. The territory of the estate is very large, you can place tents. The village has 2 shops, a cafe, an architectural landmark and many beautiful places for selfies.

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