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Country House Village Hut is a cozy small country house, a large yard with a modern landscape, fruit trees, an artificial stream and small lakes, gazebos, and a vegetable garden where you can taste everything “straight from the garden”. We have a wonderful lawn where you can wander barefoot in the morning and feel the dew of freshness and get a handful of health.

Guests can park their cars and eat fruits and vegetables from the garden near the house.

We welcome our guests according to the ancient Slavic custom – with bread and salt at the entrance to the estate. We offer eco-dishes from the oven and open fire – real village borsch according to the hostess’s recipe, donuts, dumplings, roast, bacon, uzvar, pies, and many other dishes – all made from local products. Specialties of the house are smoked meats from its own wood-fired smokehouse, squeezed millet porridge cooked over an open fire, and sweet and salty verguns. Yummy!!!!! All this is in makitra, jugs, mugs, and clay plates. And try our bread! It’s fresh from the oven! If you want, we will cook your favorite dish and, if you wish, set the table in European style.

The farmstead has a favorable geographical location between the city of Kremenchuk and the landscape reserve of national importance “Biletski Plavni”, which is part of the landscape park “Kremenchuk Plavni”. This allows vacationers to combine a quiet rural vacation in nature with the delights of the entertainment facilities of a modern city.

You can get acquainted with the natural and architectural monuments of Kremenchuk and the district.

Excursions and walks are available all year round, as the Dnipro River floodplains, pine and mixed forests are located near the estate.
The reserve includes the islands of Zelenyi, Dynka, and Fantasia, which you can also visit.
You can go fishing, gather mushrooms and medicinal herbs. And most importantly, you can relax your body and soul from all the problems. We will not interfere with your plans

And yet, the peculiarity of Country House is CREATIVITY – it is in our nature, and in the visitors who, once they come to us, become our regular guests, like-minded people and even friends. We take a creative approach both to the organization of space and to the organization of your vacation.

If you like an organized vacation, let us know. We will “design” an event specifically for you and your team. Our visitors like eco-excursions and eco-holidays, which are attended by everyone. Team building and outdoor quests are especially popular.

Interesting workshops on landscape design and floristry, eco-activities for children and adults are held on the territory of Country House.

We have a great opportunity to separate adult recreation from children’s recreation. After all, sometimes vacationers need to conduct business negotiations, or just talk about “adult” topics, etc. At this time, we will provide your children with interesting entertainment and games at a professional level.

Country House has a permanent children’s “NATURE CLUB”.

For everyone, without exception, the doors to our CREATIVE WORKSHOP are open.

This is a unique opportunity for you to learn how to cook eco-dishes in a real peasant oven and bake fragrant bread according to old Slavic recipes. For this purpose, the project “Kitchen of the Open Sky” is successfully working. Our LIVING MUSEUM OF VERGUNS also attracts guests.

And for the bright moments of your vacation to remain in your memory for a long time, we offer professional photography. Our estate has repeatedly served as a venue for children’s and wedding photo shoots, bachelorette parties, etc. If you need a similar service, please contact us – we will decorate the photo zone and combine your vacation with a useful activity.
“Country House” is waiting for you! CALL US RIGHT NOW – 067 771 38 55.

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