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Our estate was created for those who love and dream of a secluded vacation in harmony and tranquility. We have everything you need for this – an age-old vast steppe, a quiet picturesque river, the opportunity to communicate with a variety of pets, comfortable living conditions.

Those who visit us will have the opportunity to go fishing (even without leaving the estate), do household chores, hunt (during the hunting season), ride horses, bicycles, ATVs, boats, catamarans, warm up in the sauna and cool down in the river, sleep in the beehives, and much more.

Those who like to eat will not be disappointed either, especially since almost all the dishes are prepared from what is grown and nurtured on the garden plot. If you want to cook yourself, there is a grill with essential attributes: lamb, pork, vegetables, herbs, again from your own yard.

And don’t forget that all this is far from civilization. The Perlyna Stepu farmstead is located on the border of Donetsk and Dnipropetrovs’k regions outside a small village with an interesting history and a beautiful name Slavianka.

And one more thing. This season we have added a “hut-mazanka”, which successfully
museum of Ukrainian life and comfortable accommodation (up to 6 people) coexist successfully. В
construction, we used local, natural eco-materials as much as possible
(the cost of accommodation is 1200 UAH/day, for two days and more – 1000 UAH/day).

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Власник +38 (066) 844-13-14
52900 Dnipropetrovska oblast, Mezhivskyi district, Slavianka village

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