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In the Ukrainian village of Varvarovka, in the Synelnykivsky district of the Dnipro region, the first guest house in the village was opened with an unusual name for Ukrainians: Shahim. The word means falcon. The unusual thing is that the owners of the guest house are a family with Georgian and Azerbaijani roots who settled in the village of Varvarivka a long time ago. This is how Ukrainian hospitality is intertwined with Eastern sensitivity and generosity.

If you are tired of the environment of the metropolis, welcome to the Shahim Guest House to relax with your group or family in nature.

You will be given the opportunity to see the benefits of a vacation in the countryside.

Guests are offered meals made only from natural products. You can go hiking and cycling, hiking in the woods for berries and mushrooms, swim in a very clean water body, fish in the mouth of the Dnipro River and hunt in the protected areas of Osokorova Balka.

Outdoor recreation is successfully combined with sufficient comfort of living in a two-story house. There are rooms with in-room amenities and with floor amenities. There are showers. All rooms are very spacious. There is always hot water.

For those who travel and want to take a break from the long road, the estate has all the conditions for this. You can use the washing machine, take a shower, relax and taste delicious dishes of Ukrainian and oriental cuisine.

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Власник +38 (066) 882-04-01
23a Lenina St., Varvarovka village, Sinelnykivskyi district, Dnipro region

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