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Ліжко / 1 ніч / 1 особ
150 грн
від 100 грн
Дворазове харчування
від 150 грн
Триразове харчування
200 грн

Житло, котре пропонується гостям

санітарні місця

У господарстві є

Віддаленність (у км)

Опис садиби

The green estate “At Mrs. Olya’s” is located in the heart of the Cossack region, in Chyhyryn district, in the ancient village of Subotiv, which was the birthplace of the great hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Nearby are St. Elias Church, the Khmelnytsky family tomb and Zamchyshche. Subbotiv is famous for such historical monuments as Three Wells and the Black Sea Settlement. The manor house is arranged in a century-old house in two halves.

The dishes served by Mrs. Olya are authentic and made exclusively from home-grown rural products grown on local land.

You can taste more than 45 dishes from the main menu alone, not including more than 50 from the banquet menu. Many dishes are unique to the Chyhyryn region, such as buckwheat dumplings or buckwheat pancakes, manniks, and poppy seed pancakes. Meat and fish dishes include rabbit in sour cream, duck in pumpkin, pork shank baked in the oven, crucian carp baked in homemade sour cream and honey, carp stuffed with cabbage and caviar.

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