Hata Beregini

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“Hata Beregyny” is located in the Chyhyryn district, in the center of Cold Yar next to the famous 1000-year-old oak of Maxim Zalizniak. By the number of unique archaeological, historical, scientific objects, and there are more than 150 such names, Kholodny Yar is ranked first in Ukraine. In the forest in the massif, and in the fields around it, everywhere the burial mounds of the Scythian era are scattered. In Cold Yar, archaeologists have found traces of all archaeological cultures, starting with Trypillian culture, which originated in the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine for 5-4 thousand years before the new era.

Here, our guests can better understand Ukrainian traditions, the history of the Ukrainian liberation war of the 17th and 20th centuries, which was led by Kholodnoyarsky Ataman Vasily Chuchupak, and enjoy the Kholodnoyarsk landscapes. Also on the territory of the complex there is the only Ukrainian Cossack Church of the Ukrainian Patriarchate named after Petr Kalnyshevsky, where Father Vasyl holds ceremonies of christening and wedding.

Nearly is “Cossack Chan” in spring water with cold-beet herbs, in the open air, where we offer our guests steam.

In the museum-refectory “Dukuj Hutir”, located 50 meters from the manor, we offer delicious traditional Ukrainian dishes prepared from eco-friendly products and drinks of our own production:homemade wine, hrenovuha and spotukach.

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