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Б (базовий)

Послуги та ціни

Ліжко / 1 ніч / 1 особа
250 грн

Житло, котре пропонується гостям

санітарні місця

У господарстві є

Віддаленність (у км)

Опис садиби

The glorious history of the Chyhyryn region is lost in the depths of centuries.  Today Chyhyryn region attracts tourists not only with the beauty of nature, but also with unique historical and cultural monuments.  First of all, it is one of the largest Scythian settlements in Ukraine in Kholodny Yar, the Church of St. Elijah in Subotov, the Trinity Church of the Motroninsky Monastery, the thousand-year-old oak of Maksym Zalizniak in the Khutor Buda, and the fortress in Chyhyryn.

 Subotiv is the family estate of the Khmelnytskys.  Elijah’s Church of the XVII century, “Khmelnytsky Castle Site”, “Three Wells”, other interesting locations and festivals are annually visited by thousands of guests from different parts of our country.

 The honey homestead invites you to relax after rich excursions, eat local delicacies, drink fresh milk, taste natural honey, bathe in spring water, spend the night in a green homestead of the end of XIX, sleep on beehives, have a good and useful time.

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