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This place was supposed to be a country house closer to nature and away from people. Later, a dream appeared to do his favorite thing – to cook cheese, and, accordingly, the first cow appeared.
With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, they began to accept animals that left together with their owners from hot spots/occupation or were evacuated by the military and volunteers from the combat zone, to date more than 900 animals have passed through transit and more than 400 have remained for permanent residence, for them Green Grove has become a new home In the summer of 2022, we made an important decision – the construction of a new farm, we bought construction materials, they were brought on September 2, and already on the night of September 3, they were all destroyed due to the fall of a downed cruise missile of the “Caliber” type on the territory of the farm. That night, all building materials and fodder, which were prepared for the wintering of our animals, burned down.
The people who came in the morning to help sort out the consequences gave us hope not to lose, and after the opening of the collection for the restoration of the farm, in less than a day, funds equivalent to the lost amount were collected, and in 4 days we were able to start construction.
In parallel with the construction, we accepted new and new animals. Most of them arrived stressed and in need of attention. We paid them a lot of attention, stroked, hugged and soothed them… and they began to calm down, and we realized that in order to restore the psycho-emotional state of animals, they need to be given love and a comfortable life, so we became a rehabilitation center for animals.
Later, veterans, military personnel and families of IDPs began to come to us, they did the same, it helped them relax, let go of bad thoughts and smile. We realized that communicating and calming animals not only restores them, but also people.

In addition to social activities, we try to study our region as deeply and thoroughly as possible and spread this information among the population. We welcome guests by demonstrating alternative agriculture, telling and showing how interesting and diverse our region and its history are. We share interesting ecological solutions and demonstrate that life can be comfortable and ecological at the same time. About 12,000 visitors come to us every year and everyone discovers something new for themselves. We hold conferences where we invite representatives of green tourism and travel agencies, where we get to know each other and resolve common issues of further development. For this, we received an important distinction “The most sustainable case of green tourism of Ukraine-2023”.

In our team, you will meet soldiers, veterans, scientists, local historians, there is not a single farmer among us, but everyone is learning, developing and learning something new every day.

We are sure that our future, the future of millions of Ukrainians depends on our actions today.

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